Thursday, February 18, 2010

Control your Buzz settings in Google Dashboard

Earlier this week, I noted some of the improvements we've made to Buzz based on some really helpful user feedback. We've made a few other efforts to make Buzz settings easier to manage, including adding Buzz to the Google Dashboard.

The Google Dashboard is a tool that summarizes data for each Google product you use and provides direct links to your personal settings. For Buzz, the Dashboard is another place to see how many people you're following, how many people are following you, and information about your recent posts as well as links to change your Buzz settings.

The Dashboard is just another way for users to find out more about products like Buzz -- and how to exercise choice and control over their information and their use of our products.

Check it out and let us know what you think.


Andrew W. Hilkowitz said...

I have a comment which is not related to Buzz but to the calendar. I had a try in the calendar help forum but unfortunately I did not get a response from Google. Perhaps you can help. Here is my message:
I shared my primary calendar with some people. Now I do not want to share the calendar anymore. I was able to delete some of the people but two remained and ARE NOT DELETABLE! THEY ALWAYS REAPPEAR! What can I do to get rid of those two?
So far I didn't get a reply. Every day I try to delete those two mentioned people but their eMail-addresses always reappear. I wonder, when I will get a response or when I will be able to delete these contacts.

Gayu said...

I suspect that my email id has been hacked. Can anybody tell me to whom I should consult will give the details about it.

Kenz said...

Don't take away buzz I can't live with out it and it's the only way I can contact my friends

Knut said...

I use my address daily numerous times, why was I not informed of this "class action that all gmail users got"? My wife told me about it, she recived it on her gmail page.
Rev. K.H.S.

Seiji said...

a simple reqest relating to anyone under the age of 13. I think Parents, and the general public, would be happy to recieve an email of apology relating to anyone under the age of thirteen. as privacy is the concern of many parents, it would make them a bit happier if they recieved an email.

Fran said...

I too use gmail everyday and just now am hearing about the class action which I have sent in to be excluded from since I knew nothing about it for the start but what I have read it is not a very good settlement since I have all kinds of emails coming into my gmail now. I wonder if the buzz launch has anything to do with all the out of country emails I am now getting.

Angel1 said...

I think the suit is stupid. Gmail is a free service and anybody stupid enough not to study how to keep information private when on the internet...
I am grateful for Google and all the services they provide. It is user friendly and has made my life easier in so many ways. I wasn't sure where to post this but I wanted to get my 2 cents (sense) in. Keep up the good work! And I hope I'm not the only one who complains about the idiocy of this suit.

ken said...

The lawsuit is atipical for the days we now live in where the love of the greater number is rapidly cooling off and the greed of those taking power is evident by their actions, their carelessness, and their merciless example of leadership through corrupt laws, lawyers, politicians, and their destructive violent way. Ruling policies that take away every legal right by their adoptive creed written with their $ole advantage$ in mind. Big bu$ine$$e$ monetarily influence more and more control and re$triction$ by governmental power that deny and overrule the Constitutional Bottom Line directives.
Although no individuals or businesses were comprised by the benefits of Google Buzz, there is always a LaWyEr looking to make enormou$ $$$,$$$,$$$ by some negligible error.