Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tech tips that are Good to Know

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Does this person sound familiar? He can’t be bothered to type a password into his phone every time he wants to play a game of Angry Birds. When he does need a password, maybe for his email or bank website, he chooses one that’s easy to remember like his sister’s name—and he uses the same one for each website he visits. For him, cookies come from the bakery, IP addresses are the locations of Intellectual Property and a correct Google search result is basically magic.

Most of us know someone like this. Technology can be confusing, and the industry often fails to explain clearly enough why digital literacy matters. So today in the U.S. we’re kicking off Good to Know, our biggest-ever consumer education campaign focused on making the web a safer, more comfortable place. Our ad campaign, which we introduced in the U.K. and Germany last fall, offers privacy and security tips: Use 2-step verification! Remember to lock your computer when you step away! Make sure your connection to a website is secure! It also explains some of the building blocks of the web like cookies and IP addresses. Keep an eye out for the ads in newspapers and magazines, online and in New York and Washington, D.C. subway stations.

The campaign and Good to Know website build on our commitment to keeping people safe online. We’ve created resources like privacy videos, the Google Security Center, the Family Safety Center and Teach Parents Tech to help you develop strong privacy and security habits. We design for privacy, building tools like Google Dashboard, Me on the Web, the Ads Preferences Manager and Google+ Circles—with more on the way.

We encourage you to take a few minutes to check out the Good to Know site, watch some of the videos, and be on the lookout for ads in your favorite newspaper or website. We hope you’ll learn something new about how to protect yourself online—tips that are always good to know!

Update Jan 17: Updated to include more background about Good to Know.


KenEvoy said...

How about teaching people how Google Plus pages are unfairly being ranked by Google Search above superior content in order to leverage your monopoly in search to force marketers to use Google Plus, which ends up marketing Google Plus to the very people who you're trying to protect, the vast majority who "magically" think your search results deliver the best?

What message are you sending to millions of website owners who have been working hard to improve their content due to your Panda algorithm, when you put your own "thin content" above their superior content? If Google Plus was any other operation, Panda would ban it for having too much thin content.

What a desperate, sad approach for a company that tries to look idealistic, when in fact those ideals were lost years ago.

Google, please return to your "Don't be evil day" of yesteryear.

Ken Evoy
Founder, SiteSell.com

Geoff said...

I can only agree totally with the comments of Mr. Evoy. It is a very sad, sad day for a once honourable company, Google.

When you used to live your 'do no evil' mantra you had the synergy of wonderful greatness with you.


Surprise us Google. Do the right thing and go back to your energizing roots.

Very sad.

Unknown said...

I completely agree with both of these comments as well.

Not everyone in the world wants to use google plus, but it's being forced on us now whether we want it or not.

If searchers see low value content constantly being shown to them from google, eventually they will look elsewhere for their internet searching needs.

Jason said...

I agree with KenEvoy and the other comments which follow...

Google has implemented the "do as I say, not as I do" approach, which is so obviously hypocritical.

You guys are trying to force your Google+ product upon us, which really isn't a mind blowing product. You guys will have to do something very impressive if you expect to see any success in the social networking game... something more original than basing a product off of an already existing successful product like Facebook.

Facebook owns the social media network...

and Google specializes search...

Please Google, don't allow greed to destroy your already faltering reputation.


Steve Kazella said...

I changed my default search engine page today.

decolass said...

I too agree totally with Ken Evoy and am voting by switching my searches away from Google. What happened to integrity and trust in the global internet market?

Not being demonstrated by Google at present I'm afraid.

Dawn said...

I have changed from the google search engine to Bing. Am also moving from gmail.

You just don't deserve my support any longer google. For years I thought you were one of the good guys - ha!

How times have changed.

Please pull your socks up before you find you've lost everyone.

Karen said...

I'm letting my fingers do the walking - straight to Bing as I have had enough of google's smoke and mirrors.

Colleen said...

I'm also now using Bing.
It's refreshing to use a search engine that actually waits for me to type what I'm searching for before results come up!
Google, why are you walking down the path to your own destruction?

Nitin said...

Google you new innovation "Google search plus your world" would hampered millions of small biz website owners like me...

Not fair at all!


BIg Stoe Fan said...

It seems to me that you are not only NOT the great search engine that you once were but are now not a search engine at all.

You are now just one big advertisement for Google products and that is grossly unfair on those who search. I'm using Bing.

TheInterpreter said...

I am in complete agreement with Ken Evoy. Google, this is the start of your trip downhill, unless you switch gears and go back to the business practices that made Google what it had become. You are stifling your own business. I am also switching to Bing.

Dizi23 said...

Ahhh refreshing... I've switched to Bingggg and it feels good.

Marius said...

I used Google search from the first days. Now, because of this Google Plus move that alters the search results you forced me to use Bing, and I don't like Bing at all.

Why don't you respect your own guidelines? Why void of content Google Plus pages rank better than similar rich content pages?

Why do you extort me to write on a Google Plus page? I want for you to rank Google Plus the same way you rank all other web content.

What sort of a crappy algorithm is Panda that allowed no content Google Plus Pages to rank better than normal web pages?

I want my good old Google back.

Charlotte Brown said...

I agree with Ken Evoy and the other commenters - where are your ethics, Google? Google Plus Your World Search is manipulation pure and simple.

I've switched to Bing - nice!

Jon Bratton said...

I agree about one thing. You've shot yourself in the foot. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Spend money with yourself and buy ads. You're perfectly entitled to promote your own new product tho it is bound to fail because its just a copy of Facebook...you should start again with a blank piece of paper and take the Social platform to a whole new level

Everyday Vegetarian said...
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EmerD said...

These comments are very interesting and are echoing my thinking from the last few days so well.

I thought that Google claimed Panda had been successful at removing crappy thin pages from the top of the SERPS. Guys, you might need to run that again because there sure is a lot of junk there now. And yes, I am being tongue in cheek.

I guess Google are the only ones allowed to break the rules when it comes to quality content. Google search has really lost its integrity. It's starting to feel that we have no choice but to use another engine if we want quality, RELEVANT results.

Donna said...

Can you say, "Just Bing It?

jf said...

I have always said that monopolies are not bad because they are monopolies, but may actually be good if they arrive there by out competing and out performing anyone who would offer an alternative.

At the beginning Google deserved to become a justifiable monopoly because it was offering people something better than anyone else, but when it started to use it's weight to offer something inferior, that's where it started to lose it's right to be a competitive monopoly.

If Google's primary mission is excellence, you need to keep competition to make sure that some individuals within your organization aren't tempted to take short cuts that may catapult Google's position to a place where it isn't excelling.

Compete, but do it from a position of offering better things, superior results, and more relevant topics … not one which uses your reputations and search volume to boost the ratings of an inferior product.

Ryan said...

I have to also concur with Ken Evoy. I made the switch to Bing and find my search results have been equally as satisfying. Not only do I avoid seeing "thin content" at the top of my results, I also take comfort in knowing that I'm not supporting a company that is doing unethical and illegal self promotion of their own product that people simply do not want.

Rebecca said...

I echo the previous comments. Where are the ethics here? I loved Google at one time - but I no longer wear my heart on my sleeve for them. I have switched to using another browser and deleted my +1 account in protest.

Google - please look inside - and do the right thing here. Shoving a product down our throats is not it.