Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Let’s Stand on a Platform for Good

At Google, we believe in the incredible potential for harnessing technology and the compassion of the human spirit to do good, to learn, and to help each other grow. We have seen inspiring examples of this with the extraordinary projects from the Google Science Fair and on YouTube with the It Gets Better Project.

In step with our commitment to expand and promote digital citizenship, Google is a proud sponsor of a new initiative -- A Platform for Good.

A Platform for Good, a Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI) initiative, is an interactive online portal that empowers parents, teachers, teens and kids to connect and share knowledge about being responsible digital citizens.

With the support of companies, organizations and experts within the tech industry, A Platform for Good (PfG) will focus on the positive power of the Internet, using fun and engaging interactive elements to support online safety learning. One of the many exciting elements of PfG is the Teach Teachers Tech video series, led by Adora Svitak and sponsored by Google. Adora, 14, starts the series off with what inspires students about technology and ends with a challenge to students and teachers to submit their own stories.

A Platform for Good will reach students, parents and teachers in a new way, while addressing the need for a comprehensive approach to digital citizenship. See you at!


James Salsman said...

Responsible parenting includes demanding responsible behavior from online service providers. Will discussions of the actions of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the deleterious effects of tax havens be allowed on this forum? Does Google welcome discussions of whether pursuit of small increments of nominal wealth is hurting shareholder value and society at large? Or will topics only be limited to those issues which affect companies public relations at the expense of topics which bear more heavily on the prospects of teenagers and their families?

David Gerard said...

"Good things are good. Better things are better!"

I read that post, and I still have *no idea* what it is you do or purport to do. The post is literally made *entirely* of applause lights:

Could you please provide three (3) concrete examples, without hype or superfluous feel-good adjectives, that provide concrete details of what this is for?

Oh, and well done on blocking comments altogether on the G+ version of your post.