It's been pretty cool to work on a project like this blog for a few months, flip a switch to turn it on, and sit back and watch users respond. Now I know how our engineers feel when one of their new products make it to Google Labs.

We've had a great initial response to this blog. Thanks for the friendly blogosphere welcome from BoingBoing, Drew Clark, Paris Lemon, and Search Engine Land, among many others. The MSM-ers at the Mercury News, Washington Post, and PC World also gave shout-outs. Our corporate predecessors in tech policy blogging, Cisco and Verizon, offered some helpful blogging advice (don't try to do too much; don't be afraid to "talk out of school") and reminded us of the hilarious "wicked googley" Jerry Seinfeld AmEx ad. We've heard from some of our critics on policy issues. And the 463 guys promised to send over a casserole (mmm...reminds me of home).

We're also really glad we decided to enable comments on this blog -- and by the looks of things, you are too. You've offered helpful suggestions on improving the site (like labeling posts by issue). You told us you'd like to hear more about our China policies, what we're doing to improve U.S. math and science education, how we protect personal data, how we deal with government censorship requests, our planned acquisition of DoubleClick, and more details about our position on net neutrality. We're listening, and while we may not be able to respond to every comment, we do plan to address your questions and talk about all these issues -- and more -- in future posts.

So, thanks for reading, participating, and giving us a warm welcome. Please continue to share your thoughts on how we can keep advancing Internet-friendly public policy.