Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Carhenge, here we come

Still looking for that perfect summer vacation? Consider a visit to great Nebraska destinations like the Fort Robinson State Park, the Stuhr Museum of the Prairie Pioneer, and of course, Carhenge.

U.S. Sen. Ben Nelson (Nebraska) -- who earlier this year used Google's MyMaps tool to create a virtual tour of his visit to Iraq -- is at it again. Yesterday Sen. Nelson launched two new Google maps mashups promoting Nebraska tourism. One map highlights state and federal parks; another, offbeat attractions in the Cornhusker State.

These maps are clearly a great new way for elected officials to communicate with the citizens they represent. Here's hoping that more Senators and House members will follow Senator Nelson's lead. In the meantime, anyone up for a road trip to the world's largest porch swing?

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JonGarfunkel said...

Well, isn't that nice. The Nebraska Department of Tourism hasn't gone that far, but they are using GoogleMaps. I'm still hard-pressed to see how people can communicate back to an elected official using a map.

Nonetheless, I'm interested in your Book Search project, and since blogs by definition have NO way whatsoever of supporting reader-initiated questions-- outside of posting off-topic to a blog post-- I have to do so here. This blog appears to be the closest in spirit to it. I understand that various copyright holders would prefer that I try to buy copies of books that I've found using Google Search. Then again, I've found a 1965 issue of Public Interest scanned in last year at UMich, and that's not for sale anywhere. So my options are cursing at the screen or trekking over to the Boston Public Library on a sunny day. Are you working on a way to allow resources to be made electronically, for even a small fee? That would be a positive public policy initiative.

I'd check HighBeam research... but the article isn't there.