Thursday, April 24, 2008

Creating opportunities for small business to thrive

It's generally understood that Google's free products like Search, Gmail, and many others are supported by advertising. What is not as well known is that, in addition to providing useful products to our users, Google is a platform for and a partner to small businesses across America.

This morning David Fischer, our VP for Global Online Sales and Operations, will testify before the U.S. House Small Business Committee to explain just how Google has become an engine of economic growth and opportunity for hundreds of thousands of small businesses.

In his testimony, David will talk about how Google AdWords enables small businesses of all kinds to place ads for their products and services next to Google search results, giving them access to millions of our users around the world. Small businesses can set their own ad budgets and can arrange to pay only when users click on an ad. As a result, these businesses able to find and connect with new customers more efficiently and cost-effectively.

In addition to helping small businesses find customers and grow, Google's AdSense program has enabled web publishers, an entirely new generation of small businesses, to emerge and thrive on the Internet. As David's testimony puts it,

Our business model enables entrepreneurs, educators, bloggers, and many others to generate revenue by sharing their expertise and opinions with the world. In many cases, these individuals are able to dedicate themselves full-time to their publications because of the support they receive from our advertising programs.

The impact of Google's technology on the small business economy is significant. In 2007, for example, we paid $4.5 billion to AdSense partners who use our ads to earn money from their websites.

Behind those numbers are the real stories of people like Regina Fagan:

One of our Harlem, New York-based advertisers, Grandma's Secrets, has used our advertising tools to gain customers in the region where it delivers baked goods. A minority-owned business, Grandma's Secrets was started in 2001 when Regina Fagan built a website to capitalize on the love for baking she developed as a young child. By targeting her Google advertisements to the New York area, Regina has been able to turn a monthly Google advertising budget of $25 into $4,000 a month in revenue.

And as it turns out, Regina was able to use this revenue to purchase her first home and fulfill a lifelong dream of taking her daughter to Paris.

Finally, David will highlight the fact that small business success stories like Regina's are a powerful testament to the importance of maintaining a free and open Internet. The Internet's freedom and openness gave Google a chance to succeed when it was a brand new business, and it is giving hundreds of thousands of American small businesses today a chance to compete and thrive on the web as well.

UPDATE: Check out video below of David Fischer's testimony:

6 comments: said...

There are two sides to this story.

Of course David Fischer will only testify about the pros and successes, he won't reveal the cons.

Google is not always a friend to small businesses.

On the organic SERPs, small businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to compete with the large companies that dominate the highest rankings.

Their products and services are not necessarily the best, it is just that they have immense budgets for SEO and PPCs. They can hire TEAMS of inhouse and outsources SEOs.
They have large PR teams that can get their press releases in hundreds of outlets.

When these companies expand their products and services, they literally push the smaller Websites down the rankings.

Google has been insensitive to this.

Google's spam team has been insensitive to the desperate acts by some Webmasters to get some attention - to get CRUMBS - something to survive on.

The smaller Webmasters can not outbid the massive firms - who sometimes have MILLIONS of adwords.
They have professional online Marketers who spend millions annually to get as much ROI for their Websites as possible.

Because of Google's popularity, the fortunes of a company can be extremely affected by these inequitable policies.

There are no outlets for the small Webmaster to communicate directly with the Google hierarchy - only the large companies can network with Google's VIPs

To be fair, hopefully David will discuss THIS at the hearing and show ways that Google will overcome these challenges

Balaji said...

This is Vaddevolu Balaji Nagendra Kumar from Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy.
has misread Mr. David Fischer's comments.
This is what Mr Fischer actually intended to convey.

Firstly, google enables the targeted search for information.
IT is up to the user to search for what kind of information he/she wants.

For example,
There are customers who prefer home made bread and there are customers who prefer bread made on an industrial scale.
Those who prefer home made bread have the luxury of ordering small quantities and those prefering industrial bread order large quantities.
The choice is guided by the "Opportunity cost of time."

The second point refers to "Product Differentiation."
In the case of Bakery products, Ms. Regina targets the people who prefer home made products and who possibly want to buy fresh bread without addition of preservatives.

The third point refers to boundary of efficiency.
Boundary of efficiency determines the scale of operation of an enterprise.
While Mr. Fischer does not suggest that Ms. Regina's boundary of efficiency may not be limited to US$ 4,000 of revenue per month,
it suggests that a large Multi-National Corporation has a much larger boundary of efficiency due to large outreach.

The fourth point is what personifies.
Human being never satisfies.
In other words, Human being always wants more to satisfy the wants.
Human choice is much higher these times due to availability of diverse goods and services.
At-least the internet is letting people : viz : consumers know that there are more choices than what they otherwise are aware of.
In fact, television and radio broadcast industries help large companies alone.
It is unwise for to blame the internet search engines : viz : the google for which they are not responsible for.

want to advertise his/her home made product, Key Words like "Accessibility," "freshness," "one-to-one customer relationship" etc should be used to boost the chance of being noticed.
If only uses the key words : viz : "Bread," "Pan Cakes" etc, they would only end up being generic words hardly serving any business purpose.

Mr. Vaddevolu Balaji Nagendra Kumar
Can be reached at

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TomLarryJr said...

I still don't see why sales on Google should be tax free when sales at Walmart is taxed. Both help small businesses (Walmart with cheap products that small businesses use and Google with cheap advertising.) If the objective is to help small businesses, than why don't they give the small businesses the tax breaks or better yet refundable credits?

jhone said...

I do not think this is also true. I think its a question of whether the system is used against you is called bad, but if you can use in your favor, then.

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littleChild said...

@TOm: are they really tax free? How lucky they are if that's the case. It shouldn't be like that if on the other hand those small businesses are paying for it.

What kind of business opportunities would come out with these differences?