Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The "special relationship" comes to the Googleplex

Last Thursday Google was honored to host the top diplomats from both halves of the transatlantic "special relationship": U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and British Foreign Secretary David Miliband. Both confront on a daily basis some of the most difficult policy issues facing the world, with their recent itineraries taking them to Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel, and beyond. Coming to the Googleplex for a tour and another edition of our Policy Talk series was a comparatively easy challenge, despite the probing questions from David Drummond, our Senior VP for Corporate Development and Chief Legal Officer, and the gathered Googlers during an hour-long discussion.

Among other topics, Secretaries Rice and Miliband discussed Internet censorship and the role that governments can play in protecting human rights online -- the subject of our recent testimony before Congress. Secretary Rice, who in 2006 formed the State Department's Global Internet Freedom Task Force, argued that "the Internet is possibly one of the greatest tools for democratization and individual freedom that we've ever seen." Both she and Secretary Miliband expressed concern over Internet censorship and the efforts of some governments around the world to block or regulate content.

Throughout the course of their talk, Secretaries Rice and Miliband also discussed globalization and competition, the Iraq war, the image of the U.S. in the world, the environment, and other issues. You can hear their views for yourself on YouTube:


http://search-engines-web.com/ said...

Both Rice and David come across as if they are acting in a drama.

It is always hard to judge the sincerity of these quick interviews because they probably have answered those common questions dozens of times before.

They potential answers and body language are heavily filtered and reviewed as well as practiced so as to come across in the best possible media light.

Wonder how they both have responded in private when they let their guards down. Or during top secret conversations

They are probably completely different than what you are seeing in this scripted performance

Does anyone believe this is how they REALLY are in private??????

http://search-engines-web.com/ said...

NOW do you see why the American Public is so cynical?

Too bad you did not have the opportunity to confront her about THIS!!!

If only the interview was held yesterday :-(