Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Announcing the "Internet for Everyone" campaign

Today Google joined a national initiative of public interest, civic and industry groups to help launch the Internet for Everyone campaign, whose goal is to make ubiquitous and open broadband access for every American a priority in the next administration.

Why is Google involved? Making the Internet accessible to more Americans is part of our corporate DNA. It's what has motivated our work on municipal wi-fi, in the 700 MHz spectrum auction, our investment in Clearwire and development of Android, and most recently our advocacy in support of opening up the unused portions of the TV spectrum band for use by Internet devices.

For more than a decade the Internet has driven unprecedented innovation, economic growth, and prosperity. Companies like Google, Amazon, eBay, Facebook -- and numerous smaller but impactful players -- have fundamentally changed people's lives. Their success wouldn't have been possible without the ability of tens of millions of Americans to connect easily to a open Internet. And there's no doubt that the next generation of inventions to transform our lives and our economy will happen online, making high-speed access to the Net more important than ever.

Unfortunately, over the past several years the U.S. has been falling further behind Europe and Asia in broadband access and quality. As I've written about in the past, our country's comparatively low ranking in broadband penetration will have a real impact on whether the U.S. retains its edge in innovation. The social and economic consequences of America's failure to remain competitive are serious, and we should dedicate ourselves to fixing this deficiency. The Internet for Everyone campaign promises just such an effort.

There's no doubt that the decisions we are making today will shape the Internet of tomorrow. In my view, we must develop a comprehensive, forward-looking national innovation strategy to address and forestall America's technological decline. The Net's future has every potential to be bright, but it will happen only if we ensure that everyone has access to its broadband on-ramps.


Reload92 said...

I'm so glad that for once we have a big company, ON OUR SIDE.

Keep doing what you're doing Google.

Shayne said...

Google does rule, but it would like everyone to access it because they are the No1 search engine and they will have entire america to advertise to and then will ultimately become our supreme leaders.haha

Rob said...

This is an important step to help keep the internet available to all. All connections to the internet need to be "neutral" the infrastructure should belong to all users not just nasty corporations.

David Tussey said...
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Charbax said...

Could you do this campaign over in Europe as well? Could you help us get unlimited free wireless broadband over here in Denmark as well?

Why do European governments not use the 700mhz spectrum for free wireless broadband networks?

ZuDfunck said...

LifeinHD.tv will join this effort

Please keep us informed of news


kenboe said...

The more people with constant access to the internet, the more companies like Google will make more and more money. But what about the small guys, struggling artists like myself at http://www.kenboe.com or am I not allowed to even mention my web site, like that's self promotion. How taboo. Lets just stick to the big names, the familiar. Screw that, we need to think about how the small guys onthe internet get to play a bigger role as this cultural infrastructure takes over.

David said...

Outstanding. Glad to see companies like Google sending a message to the tyrannical ISP's!

Chris said...

Free internet access for everyone sounds wonderful, but could this be a step for google and its allience with these so called "public interest" and "civic" groups to take net neutrality away and replace it with a subscription to an allotted amount of sites much like cable tv channels?

The Business Student said...

Google strikes again! This time for social justice. Thanks Google!!

doswheeler said...

Yeah Baby! I like it! FREE THE INTERNET! What a great concept.


Jo said...

We have a broadband air card. It is the only type of high speed internet available to us due to our location.

There are people just a few miles away that have NO options other than dial up. Still! In 2008!

Rural America is in desperate need of help with the high speed internet.

Unless you live on a major highway, the broadband cards are only dial up speed.

Many of the homes in rural America are in wooded areas. Farm land generally is used for farming and the rest with trees and hills is used for homes. We can't even use a satellite due to the trees.

We need help out here! If Google can help us get some form of high speed out here in the sticks, there will be a lot of grateful Americans!

Justin said...

@ KenBoe --

Do something worth being mentioned if you want to be known. Don't blame a group that has a good, working business model for your struggles.

The Thing with Google, is that even though they're making money off these deals which appear 'selfless' that doesn't change the fact that it's a good cause. Who says they have to lose money to do the right thing?

JMB5380 said...

Does this mean keeping Net Neutrality, where no one own the internet (self regulating), or just another way to control the internet? I dont see any problems with the internet, but i see problems with the providers not doing what they said they would do to the infastructure, ALL they care about wanting to get more money. I see if the reason for more money its not a bad thing for the US, but what will this do to private sites?

Danny Piccirillo said...

Join the facebook group! http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=37367436456

Beatrice Tate said...

This is great - but how will it affect the net neutrality issue? If nobody is paying for the internet then wouldn't we have to adopt a system that favors corporate sites in order to pay the expenses? Or would federal funding solve that? If so then don't we put the internet at risk for heavy censorship?

Just some questions that I feel like need answering. But I'm impressed daily by the causes that google takes on. It's the one corporation that has not completely destroyed my idealism yet.

Alex said...

yea, this seems REALLY sketchy.

So the internet's free.
guess who is paying?

corporations, who no doubt will rotate your homepage for you so they can bombard you with their ads.

its tuesday, that means Mozilla starts you on BurgerKing.com

Wednesday is Sony and their new camera...

I can't wait till Halo 3 Thursday.

it seems like such a perfect scheme

J.C. Ferrell said...

It sounds good but didn't you ever wonder 'how' 1984 came to be so ubiquitously wired?

Barga said...

The problem is that the majority of those who do not already have broadband internet is that they do not want it. Only 14% of those with dial up want Broadband. Why should we pay huge ammounts of cash if these people do not want broadband?

Robert Barga

jb said...

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wardr said...

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Chartsky said...

There are a LOT of us in remote rural areas who would be very grateful to be able to access the internet over a broadband connection. Not just poor communities either, in fact many real estate transactions in reasonably affluent areas hinge on whether broadband will be available so people can run their businesses from home. In our own case we've been promised broadband for 10 years, but nothing has happened. We've offered to pay for the installation of miles of cables, a T1 line, even a cell tower on the property so we can use wireless...but no luck! This means daily commuting to an office, not an easy drive for many rural people.
I certainly hope you folks are successful in meeting your goal of ubiquitous broadband.