Monday, November 3, 2008

Wrapup: Google election info

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On Tuesday, Americans across the country will vote (or finish voting), and we want you to find as much information as you'd like concerning this historic 2008 election. Here are three steps for getting the full scoop:
1) Get informed
To use Google tools that will help inform you before you cast your vote, visit our 2008 Election site. Watch campaign videos on YouTube, catch a glimpse of the best political map mashups -- including historical voting results -- on Google Maps, see what the candidates had to say via these In Quotes and Audio Indexing tools, and add the Presidential Candidates gadget to your iGoogle page.

2) Vote
Find out where to vote on our U.S. Voter Info site (on your mobile phone, head to We hope your boss has given you at least an hour off to vote, and if you're so inclined, bring a video camera with you to the polls to capture your voting experience on YouTube's Video Your Vote channel. We're using Google Maps to track these videos across the country -- and to see where polling problems might be occurring during the day. In addition, we're featuring all political videos on the homepage - including videos made especially for Election Day by both the McCain and Obama campaigns.

3) Watch results
Access news and results as they occur on the Google Maps Elections Gallery (you can even embed the results onto your own site), or via the Elections section of Google News.


Northeast Ohio Bipartisan Committee said...

One Last Word On Election Day
We are writing to you the morning before the polls open on Election Day. We, a small consortium of different politically oriented students, feel compelled to address our concerns. Our motive is to raise awareness and discussion in the final hours of the Presidential Election. The pressing concern on our minds is the lack of critical analysis by the press on Democratic candidate Barack Obama.
The Obama platform has been one of obscurity, clouded in vacuous words of hope, change and a new direction. While some among our numbers were initially supportive of his vision, the constant lack of discussion in the press regarding negative traits has become increasingly overbearing.
These negative traits include Obama’s link to Jeremiah Wright, who has made such statements such as “not God bless America, God damn America!” and has claimed that due to US foreign policy, the US is responsible for 9/11. This is not true, considering that Islamic terrorism is not a military reprisal by any particular Middle Eastern country. Given the US history involving Iran, with a government backed overthrow to put the Shah into power, this wouldn’t be entire out of the question. This, however, is not the case.
The US media has given Barack Obama nothing short of a free ride in election coverage since his first announcement as a candidate in the Democratic Primary. Most recently, Obama brought Reverend Otis Moss to a rally in Cleveland on November 3rd. This news is not known to anyone outside of a handful of Cleveland citizens who happened to have been in attendance. The deeper ramifications of this still have not even been spoken.
Barack Obama has publicly renounced his affiliations with Reverend Wright. He still, though, has been apologetic about all radical statements by the reverend.
When one visits the website of the Trinity United Church of Christ, one will see a smug, handsome, charming man in an Armani suit and a designer watch. Soon, you will hear a soothing voice, saying, “Imagine a church where males are taught to be men, where girls are empowered to be women, …….imagine United Church of Christ.” The Trinity United Church of Christ peddles its website with outspoken agenda and political motives. The website accomplishes this by utilizing web technology similar to
As the picture fades away, you will see faces, with accompanying names; the first being Otis Moss. The second: Jeremiah Wright. Images flash across the screen: “A place where Africa is part of one’s theology.”, “Unashamedly Black, Unapologetically Christian.” This can all be seen at
Otis Moss is not a breath of fresh air for this church, but is the protégé of his radical mentor. Otis Moss views the press, in their criticism of the bombastic sermons of Wright, as that of a lynch mob. Moss has compared the treatment of Wright to the treatment of Jesus Christ. Only due to the extreme flagrance of Wright, and Obama’s consistent, unrelenting ties to this man has this story been so impossible to ignore. Only days before the election, the American public has been led to believe that this connection was superficial at best, and nothing could be further from the truth. The Cleveland rally is proof that Obama retains a strong allegiance to Reverend Wright.
Obama’s citizenship has been questioned, and he is currently fighting a lawsuit being brought against him in Federal Court. This accusation states that he was not in fact born in the US, making him not a natural citizen. Granted, this charge is not necessarily true, but Obama’s response has been, in conjunction with the Democratic National Committee, a cease and desist order. Obama did not offer any documents to prove his natural born status, as McCain did, when his status was called into question.
These accusations are not supported or denied by our group. We simply feel, as legitimate voters that the public discussion of these matters has been compromised. We feel that the press has denied Obama his political trial by fire. All stories, rumors, accusations, and negative facts have been closed for discussion in the general press. This was not that case in 2004 when both candidates’ military records were called into question. The facts about Obama must be reconsidered by the general voting public, and looked at with new eyes and an open mind. Should this not occur, the election itself may have been decided by the media when Obama first became elected. This would set a precedent in this country that would be hard to reconcile in the future.
Tom Lehman (democrat)
Matt Hintz (republican)
Hunter Wilson (Libertarian)

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