Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Introducing the Breaking Borders Awards

Posted by Rachel Whetstone, Vice President Global Communications and Public Affairs

(Cross-posted from the European Public Policy Blog)

Last year we celebrated the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.  When I visited Berlin last November to participate in a conference entitled Breaking Borders, politicians, policy makers, netizens and journalists all agreed on the importance of freedom of expression for a functioning democracy.  The web is providing once unimaginable possibilities for political participation, free exchange of information and democratic movements around the world.

As part of the Berlin conference, we announced a plan to work with an NGO called Global Voices and with Thomson Reuters to establish the Breaking Borders Awards.

The awards will honor outstanding web projects by individuals or groups who have shown courage, energy and resourcefulness in using the Internet to promote freedom of expression, making us aware of diverse political viewpoints and standing up to those who censor information. The winners will be those who are making a real difference. We are delighted to share further details about the awards and invite nominations.

Closing date for submissions is February 15. Details on how to apply and the opportunities to join the award committee can be found on the website.


Kunjan Shah said...
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Laurence said...

While I'm sympathetic to the idea, I'm a little surprised that Google should support an enterprise which by its very name -- "breaking borders" -- many countries would find offensive.

For example, Google participation can hardly endear the company to China, whose determination to maintain an information border is well known and which is perhaps even more important to them than their geographical border.

Sahand said...

This is kinda a stupid idea...
providers of such means of communication in dictatorship-managed countries will be executed by their government if they win the prize!!!
Isn't it true?

And this is, again, kinda stupid while the people providing such prizes, ban other people from means of communication. For example, Iranians are banned from using American wide used free services, such as google earth!
You have to correct yourselves first.

an Iranian

greetsiel said...

Ich kann kaum glauben das der Fall der Mauer schon 20 Jahre her ist.
Wir haben diese furchtbaren alten Zeiten noch mitgemacht.