Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Security alerts for Gmail

We’re always developing new ways to make your online experience more secure. For example, earlier this year we worked through several technical obstacles to become the only major webmail provider to offer session-wide SSL encryption by default.

Even with the protection that SSL provides, users may become exposed to phishing and malware attacks elsewhere on the web that attempt to steal and misuse their personal information. To help address this problem, we’re rolling out a notification system for suspicious account activity associated with your Gmail account — notifications that will provide you with greater control by helping to identify potential security issues.

You can learn more about how this alert works and how you can better manage the activity on your account on the Official Gmail Blog.


Jeremy said...

Sensible and unintrusive. I like it. Hopefully it works, too.

chris said...

china hacked my gmail account

Renie Harbers said...

I have the idea that my account is being checked by others. this actually happen. People downloaded even data.

Is it possible to set a certain specific amount of IP addresses from where login is allowed sothat others will be blocked automatically?