Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Business problems need business solutions

Today we submitted comments with the Federal Trade Commission in reaction to the Staff Discussion Draft about the future of journalism in the age of the Internet.

We agree that the Internet has posed challenges as well as opportunities for publishers. Google works closely with publishers to find business solutions so journalism can thrive online, and we’re optimistic about the news industry’s future. But we strongly disagree with a number of policy recommendations set forth in the Staff Discussion Draft, such as the suggestion that Congress enact a federal hot news doctrine -- something that would not only hurt free expression, but also the very profession of journalism that the proponents of hot news say they support.

We appreciate the FTC's involvement in this matter and its effort to shed light on how news publishers can move forward in the digital era, and we're hopeful that our comments will help encourage policy makers to promote innovation and creativity rather than protectionist barriers.


KyungBivo中如 said...
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x said...

Why do I need to join Scribd to get a PDF of Google's "public policy" comments. Haven't you folks heard of HTML?

DG said...

This business of being required to have a facebook account in order to download scribd pdfs is absurd.

I deliberately chose not to ever get a facebook account because I _don't want to join a 'social network'.

The first method of protecting one's privacy is simply to not though out one's life for potentially everyone to see.

Given that the pdf involved is a public policy response to a call for comment by a government organization about a potential policy change, forcing membership to a private enterprise is ... tacky to say the least and unbearably repugnant.

Anthony said...

If you follow the link you can view a fullscreen version of the pdf in question. No membership required. So what, exactly, is the problem?

Matthew Henry said...

"charging for content and availability on Google are not mutually exclusive."

when will the media understand this. I feel like old media feels itself loosing its hold and so it is lashing out at every possible threat. Businesses are supposed to be able to change and adapt. I guess it is difficult when you are 200 years set in your ways. Keep up the good work, Google.

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