Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Convergence Brought Home

Convergence is an overused and misused term, but fortunately it’s back in vogue for all the right reasons at the Federal Communications Commission. Back in December, Google and others suggested that the FCC pave the way for the convergence of the Internet and the television screen in their National Broadband Plan. Such a convergence would increase innovation, enhance consumer experiences, and drive broadband adoption and usage. While the technical ability to access Internet and video content through a television platform has been possible for years, an open and vibrant retail video device marketplace has yet to materialize.

In comments we filed today with the FCC, we expressed our support for the so-called “AllVid” solution. This approach would allow consumers to purchase inexpensive universal adapters, featuring common interfaces and standards, that would connect with smart video devices, including TVs. In essence, for the first time consumers would be able seamlessly to bring the full power of the Internet to their in-home TV screen. That’s the kind of convergence we think everyone should be able to support.


rosie said...

This is extremely helpful. I’ve been trying to find ways to engage readers more effectively and after reading your comments I feel like I have a much better idea of how to drive more of a discussion on my posts.

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Ian M. said...

This is excellent news. Hopefully this will spread into Canada as well so I can finally get out from under the cable monopoly I have to deal with here.

This should make it so I'll be able to integrate not just my TV and Internet, but my Phone services as well. I can then pick and choose one or many providers for whatever services I want.

The competition this will bring about may finally break open cable and telecommunications provider logjam which has kept phone and cable fees so high for so long.