Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Our Senate testimony on protecting Android users’ privacy

This morning I’ll be testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee about the important issue of mobile privacy. You can read my full testimony here or watch a webcast of the hearing here starting at 10 a.m. EDT.

Mobile devices and location services are now used routinely by tens of millions of Americans and create enormous benefits for our society. Those services will not be used – and they cannot succeed – without consumer trust, built on a sustained effort by our industry to protect user privacy and security. With this in mind, at Google we have made our mobile location services opt-in only – treating this information with the highest degree of care possible.

Google focuses on privacy protection throughout the life cycle of product development, starting with the initial design. We are particularly sensitive when it comes to location information. We provide transparent information for users about what is collected; opt-in choice before location information is collected; and high security standards to anonymize and protect information. Our hope is that this becomes a standard for the broader industry.


Handsome said...

I heard you guys got grilled by Al Franken. Can't wait to root my device to stop sending location information to the NSA.

zelrik said...

Protecting Android user's wallet would also be a good idea:

Letting them profit from your work while letting your users pay for it is not acceptable. As an HTC customer, I am not very happy about that.

zelrik said...

My post from yesterday doesn't appear yet. It'd be nice if my comments don't get censored. Maybe I am too impatient.