Monday, May 16, 2011

Remembering fallen journalists on video

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We live in a world that feels smaller every day. As we become accustomed to nearly ubiquitous coverage of the news and events unfolding around the world, it’s easy to forget the price that is sometimes paid to obtain quality, accurate reporting on important stories—particularly in areas of conflict or in cases of government repression of the media. With this in mind, today, the Newseum in Washington, D.C., Google and YouTube are together launching the Journalists Memorial channel on YouTube to remember the journalists who have died in the last year while reporting news around the world.

Their stories are incredible: heading into a street battle with no weapon other than your camera; talking about politics over the radio, only to be beaten to death with iron bars by a group of thugs on the way to work. The risks and sacrifices that many have made in order to provide us with accurate information is remarkable. On the Journalists Memorial channel you can watch a collection of videos representing these journalists’ lives and their work.

This channel will become a digital version of the Newseum’s Journalists Memorial, which is re-dedicated annually to honor journalists worldwide who have died during the preceding year. This year, 77 names are being added to the list of the more than 2,000 journalists who have been recognized for their sacrifices since 1837. At today’s rededication ceremony, Krishna Bharat, the founder and head of Google News, will be delivering the keynote address, which the Newseum will post to the new YouTube channel later today.

In tribute to those who are being honored at today’s ceremony, we would like your help finding videos that profile or represent the work of all journalists who have risked or lost their lives doing the important work they do. We invite you to go to the Journalists Memorial channel and submit videos you think deserve recognition to the Moderator platform on the channel. The Newseum will be featuring additional submissions there.


Jason Leznek said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Joan said...

Google, when ordered by Guiliano Mignini, the corrupt prosecutor in the Amanda Knox case, you removed Frank Sfarzo's website "Perugia Shock" which supported the innocence of Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito. Mignini has continually harrassed Frank Sfarzo, a highly respected Italian journalist. In fatc, Mignini had Mr. Sfarzo arrested and beaten for publicly declaring his views on this case.

You are an American company and the fact that you are involved in the supression of free speech is unconscionable. You should be ashamed and you should repost the site and publicly declare your support of Mr. Sfarzo's right to express his views. How dare you enjoy the rights of the First Amendment but not support those rights for EVERYONE around the world.

I am wondering if this comment will also be "removed by author"?

michellesings said...

Why was the comment made by the first person removed? Was it foul?

theresaecosse said...

To Whom it may concern at Google--

You have just been used by an Italian prosecutor Giulani Mignini to curb an individual reporter's freedom of speech and Italian freedom of the press, by removing a blog called PERUGIA SHOCK from your server.

Mignini is the prosecutor in the Meridith Kercher murder case in Italy and Perugia Shock written by Frank Sfarzo has for three years been reporting on the case, exposing its flaws.

Mignini has a long history of harassing those who don't agree with his views in criminal trials. He is suing, or has threatened to sue for slander/defamation, around a dozen people and news organizations who support the innocence of the two accused; Amanda Knox and Raffaele Solicitto He has already been convicted of abuse of office in another murder case he handled, and is only not in jail because of the Italian system of appeals. Please check it out.

Frank Sfarzo is just the latest person who disagrees with Mignini's views to be sued for slander/defamation. Please look into the case further, and REINSTATE Perugia Shock.

Thank you

Theresa MacGillivray

michellesings said...

Actually, this is the truth. There is a Prosecutor SO corrupt that he wiggled his way into "The Moster of Florence" case ending up only to be indicted to jail for 16 months. He was still allowed to be the Prosecutor on the "Murder of Meredith Kercher" case and has wrongly convicted 2 innocent kids to jail for 25 and 26 yrs. This has been a horrible mistake. They are going to be out soon. The Prosecutor will end up in jail, but Google, what have you done? :(

vinno65 said...

he is not a journalist he is in fact just a "blogger"

Barry_T said...

Google, I cannot find words sufficient to express my disappointment in you for rolling back on your heels to the over-reaching by Prosecutor Mignini. If the editor of the West Seattle Herald has the backbone to stand up to this petty dictator, why can't you?

By the way, your isn't the only search engine in the world. My reaction to your kowtowing to Mignini is to see if you can be replaced by other vehicles that have not compromised themselves.

You could save me the trouble by re-instating Perugia Shock.

lisa said...

Good thing Google you packed off this Frank Sfarzo character. He has been spewing unsubstantiated crap about poor little angelic amanda and the bad Italian prosecutors for way too long.
anyone interested in reading objective unbiased reporting about this sad case should refer to Perugia Murder File.

Good was only obeying the law; and the law had some important objections to Mr. Sfarzo's rantings and libelous characterizing.

michellesings said...

I think there are some people very jealous and hateful on here. Ew

zelrik said...

I find the 'free expression' tag on that post funny given how Google censor comments around here.

Susanne said...

I have always respected Google for many reasons. Now I have serious doubt to Google's humanity. How could you fall victim to Builiano Mignini's order? As an American I feel shame for Google taking down Frank Sfarzo's wesite "Perugia Shock". It is hypocritical of Google to defend the freedom of speech and then censor it yourself. Will I be censored as well?